A DEATHSTAR on wheels

Today I am a bit excited cause after a very long search, and quite a few false starts, I have been given the amazing opportunity to buy this:

As you can see – it really does look like a bike DARTH VADER would ride. I expect Shirts to be a tiny, tiny bit jealous. I might add some colour with red tyres and some red and black bar tape. Of note, it has been about 20 months since I bought a new bike – and 5 years since I bought a road bike. I feel like Wayne in Wayne’s World when he finally gets his stratocaster out of the perspex case and says to the deadshit sales dude, “Ah, do you accept…cash?!”

On missing Cass McCombs

Cass McCombs is on my list. My list of bands/artists I need to see live before I die. I just have to see them once. It’s not a big list. Anyway – Cass is coming to Australia this weekend, but only Sydney, Melbourne and Perth. Dammit. And I just can’t justify the money to go down. Pretty bummed. Oh well.

If you are unfamiliar with Cass, Aids in Africa is my favourite of his songs:

If you wanted to get into Cass I would recommend – just off the top of my head – “I went to a hospital”, “County Line”, “Lionkiller”, “What isn’t Nature”, “Opium Flower”, “Dreams come true girl”, “Not the way” etc.