10 photos in a day


My drinking skills never cease to amaze me.


My poor Kinfolk is sadly neglected now I have the Felt and I have even shed it of “shoes” to get the track bike ready for competition. ūüė¶ It will live again.



Sometimes I will get home after smashing my bike from work and just collapse on the deck in this sweaty puddle and just wait for my heart to stop trying to escape from my chest and I will look up and this is my view. It isn’t much to look at, but it never fails to inspire me and make me thankful I am HOME.



If you look closely at my left pinky, it is horribly deformed. I think that is what the cat is looking worried about.


This is a postcard of Amedeo Modigliani painting, stuck to my wall with blu-tac. It is of his muse РJeanne Hébuterne. She killed herself and their unborn child the day after Modigliani died. I think it is my favourite painting ever.


I put Keith Moon on my drum kit to inspire me to play better. It worked.


This is me trying to coordinate my cowboy shirts according to the visible light colour spectrum. Not sure I was successful.

Inspired by T-rev’s movie review in his blog – I will turn my inconsiderable bullshit opinions to this movie soon.


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