Music I am diggin



She’s Welsh, she’s gorgeous and she’s got some quirky-cool songs, kinda a bit “rock” too. She has a new album out and I’m pretty impressed with “Fold the cloth”. Also listen to “Falcon Eyed” which rips shit up! And “Shoeing the bones” from the 2009 album if you want a further taste of her stuff.

CHILDREN’S CRUSADE – “Blue Venus Aflame”


I got into this track via the Newer Peteski blog. It’s a band that sprouted off Guided By Voices. Amazing song! Reminds me a bit of – maybe of the Drones.

Here’s the MP3 via Newer Peteski.

 Children’s Crusade, “Blue Venus Aflame”

It’s an interesting tale in the lyric. It ends with the protagonist digging up his murdered girl. “She didn’t die in my arms, but she’s gonna be dead in my arms”.


Blouse – from Portland Oregon I think. I like the “Videotapes” song. (Google that and you’ll get a link to a MP3) They’re a bit like Still Corners. A bit dark, twin peaksy, bit Joy Division – that sort of thing. Not incredible, but worth checking out.

Here’s their tumblr: