10 photos (not quite in 1 day)


The front doors actually open. This was the first time since we moved in, two years ago, that I opened them up. They do make a difference, but it’s such a pain to free them from locks and furniture!


This is my desk at work. My trusty coal-fired iMac from 2007. As you can see I am rendering a PDF for a recent job. There is a lot of detail here I should explain. There’s my little desk fan – does wonders to cool me down after riding in, or just walking to the shops on particularly hot days. My sunglasses, the unfinished stubby on the shelf – I figured not finishing a stubby and leaving it there was proof I was a responsible drinker. The “GOLDEN STUBBIIE” next to it might conflict with that notion. The “golden stubbie” is awarded to those who get a bit too “excited” at work functions. I guess I deserve this honour.

The Tardis USB hub is awesome. You can see my silly (but very practical) goob-hat behind. The calendars I designed.


Everyday I get a playlist ready and power-walk into the city over the Victoria Bridge to get my lunch. It’s good to be in the city, but the talent of people who walk in the city is woeful. They spring out of shops expecting they have the right of way, they walk slow and all over the path, they don’t pay ANY attention to keep left rules. It is anarchy.


Fire-drill at the top of the mall


Dee is studying again and it has made a bit of a big deal to both our lives. Dee is constantly “working” or goin to Uni and I have spent a great deal of time at UQ waiting to pick her up after lectures. We talk about her subjects and her assignment and sometimes it seems like I am back at Uni too.


That big tree in the background is impossibly tall. It is a gum and it SWINGS! In heavy wind it makes this amazingly important sound and moves not like a drunken, but like it knows what it is doing. The way it sways – it is hypnotic. I watch it in these moments from the front deck and it just stuns me.Image

This is how, when I almost swallowed a Daddy-Long_legs-Spider. It was hiding in a wine glass. I drank a bit, felt this wirey stuff in my mouth and pulled this little fella out. EW! I still drank the rest of the wine. I am sure I have swallowed worse just on a regular bike ride.


Gecko party!


Dee is explaining something to me over our kitchen table.


This is the oldest book I have owned – personally. I think I got it in year 4 – one of those book-club books we could barely afford in those days. I studied it religiously. It is utterly meaningful to me and it is pretty cool, STILL. I’ll publish some pages later.


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