10 photos in this day


As always – “10 photos in a day” is a Prolly institution I am embracing (read “stealing”). John Prolly is a fixed gear/bike blogger. My bike was featured on his blog once – which I think (without much exaggeration) is singularly the most FAME anything associated with me or myself has ever achieved.


So today I spent at home – nursing the cat. It should be known at this outset – she is a different cat. She is “apparently” lame. And I use that term rather loosely, because she has shown enormous physical skills in the last few hours just when you assume she is incapable of anything but sleeping or looking pathetic.

Thankfully she has mostly just done sleeping. She spent the initial hours of last night under our bed. But at about 2am I felt her nestling herself between my legs. She shouldn’t be jumping but I figured what’s done, is done. In the morning (with some help) she crawled back under the bed.


I slunk out at around 11 to do shopping and I bought a “SHIT-LOAD” of ham. See, she wasn’t really interested in food unless it was ultra-yummy. She was a tiny, svelte cat already – but since the car-hit she was much, much thinner. I figured a bit of fattening up would not hurt. She scoffed it down and I was proud of her.


Meanwhile I did a bit of designing for work and once that was sorted I realised I was bored so I made this X-Wing model I had been saving up for a rainy day complete with a tiny Luke Skywalker and his weird butt-extrusion:


After that I lay down on the bed (with the cat underneath) and got a bit tired so I fell asleep. About 20 minutes later I was awake and saw that the cat had emerged from her slumber too. She wasn’t interested in defecating, urinating or eating so I thought maybe she wanted stimulation. She wanted to be on the bed with me – so I lifted her up. I then went downstairs and used a pair of very blunt scissors to cut a very un-blunt cardboard box in half. I put down a blanket and a sheet and then carefully lifted her in.


Then we went for a bit of a walk. We didn’t wander far and she seemed quite interested. Luckily no cars went past when we were on the footpath, but once safely inside our yard I could tell she got a bit tense when a car went by.


First timer photo:


Second timer photo:



Part of the reason I was doing this was cause she was due for her next dose of drugs in an hour or 2. And at the same time she was due for a feed. But the cheat-sheet had said to give her the drugs on an empty stomach. So I wanted to distract her a bit until I could give her the pill, then give her some food a bit later.

Once the drugs had kicked in she took a liking to the couch. (Again – I helped her up)



I love magazines. I have hundreds of them, many saved from when I was a kid. I also love Tintin. Q/MOJO magazines coupled with Tintin books look quite good together – don’t you think?


Speaking of magazines – this is the neighbourhood news from our most recently delivered “New York” magazine – one of the BEST “Neighbourhood News'” I have ever read. INCREDIBLE. New York magazine is the best periodical I have ever known — apart from my own of course! I will give you all a decent explanation of that FACT soon.



I could just post a few more cat photos but instead I will show you one of the “props” we bought at the “Superhero Supply Store” in NYC. Google that.



4 thoughts on “10 photos in this day

  1. So what, you put on those glasses and your boring? Or are you boring already? Or do you look boring through the glasses? Or…..well…lost interest….


  2. Totes me being a dietitian, not a vet-dietitian, just a regular one, but have you tried cream for Sasha? Bella’s a bit poorly at the momo, but she’s just lapping, ahem, it up and doesn’t have to worry her pretty little head about chewing. Nice balcony photos, btw.

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