Weekend in Photos


No – they’re not dead. Just resting after I mowed the lawn. (With our hand-mower it should be noted! Tough, noisy work, but you deserve an extra beer afterwards)


Dee bought some plants for some terra-cotta pots we were given ages ago (when we moved in I think). The plants will hopefully frame the front door. Potting plants is harder than I imagined.


The one on the right ended up a little lop-sided, but hopefully when it grows bigger it will look more impressive.


The cat got some precious outside time to celebrate me finishing this job.


Saturday afternoon I went to my very first baby-shower. Exciting. I guess in this modern world we live in, such an event would soon pop up. Dee and I bought gifts at mini-boutique in St Lucia. I also bought my nephews some more presents. SPOILT! Above is a timer shot of me with my pants half down surveying another shit bowl I had delivered. Oh well.


Me trying to be arty with the bowls and the afternoon sun at Wellers Hill.


The cat stalking the Don’s flamingoes.


Supervised outside time ended up with the cat hiding under a car. I then had to chase her through the bushes. She eventually stopped and admitted defeat. She has this idea about right and wrong. She just likes to petulantly push that notion.


They will look better in a few months. Stay tuned.


Thomas! The most beautiful man I know. TRUE STORY!


The weekend’s epic ride. Tom, Ryan and me. 105kms. Almost 1200 metres of climbing. 29.9km/hr. Only 1 very short stop (Tom had to get back in time for work). And no cramps during or after on my part. I was pretty proud of myself. And so with a few more weeks of training I just might be sound for the overnight ride to Toowoomba. (More on that later).

And then this afternoon – after riding and grocery/antique shopping I sat down to watch a western on iTunes but just as I did so, the Gregory Peck version of Horatio Hornblower started on GEM. And I was soon hooked. Fantastic movie. Peck has quite a demeanour. And Horatio is a bit flawed, a bit unsure of himself and dismissive of all his skills. But Peck plays this character quite convincingly. The humphs and grumbles are endearing and the moment his lieutenant catches him smiling he quickly turns the emotion into the sternish frown possible. Awesome and hilarious. And, I should say, the battle scenes (and tactics) were quite cinematically realistic, and horribly dramatic. It’s basically the trusty tale of a smaller, more-agile ship with half the crew and half the firepower getting the better of a massive Juggernaut that believes it’s invincible. A lot more authentic and real than the crew of the Enterprise “running and falling” from one side of the bridge to the other after every proton torpedo hit. It’s a little more full-on when the captain and pretty much all the crew are in the one place at the one time (the deck). It’s a democratic battle and that makes for drama – right? Perhaps if I write a science fiction drama this dramatic device could be appropriated.


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