Music I’ma diggin (April Edition)



This song has a version of that drum-riff I call “Bruce” – after the drums in “Dancing in the Dark“. And I rarely find a song that employs this that I don’t like. Understated chorus – nice groove. Eminently danceable. (I like the awkward family portrait promo shots they did for this new album too).



I am not sure I like anything else by this band – but this song has those clean, pleasantville guitars: this simple accessibility. And it builds. And when the drums/percussion get more interesting towards the end, it should have you hooked.


ALEX WINSTON “Velvet Elvis”

Alex has a new single. YAY! About 90% of you will complain about her voice – but I love it. This song has a bunch of awesome hooks and I heard it precisely once and then bought it off iTunes. TRUE STORY.


BAD VEINS “Dancing on TV”

I only heard this song today, maybe I will end up hating it ion a few hours – but the clip was interesting and as I’ve said before – dancing in videos holds a very special place in my heart. Indeed dancing is the GREATEST. (I am a pretty good dancer by the way.) Anyway – what do you think of this song?


Don’t forget that Frida Hyvønen‘s album is finally available. That Spiritualized album is fucking fantastic – ignoring a few songs a bit too rich in the “Jesus save me” or “Jesus saved me” stuff. Cate Le Bon‘s album comes out in 2 days. Beach House are ripping shit up as usual, but you don’t need me to tell you that.

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