New music



This band has some great rocking pop tunes. Listen to “Golden” or “Standing Stones” first. They are from Salt Lake City. Hopefully they are not Mormons. Anyway – at least listen to the all-of-a-sudden-guitar-rock-out-shred at the end of “Golden” and try and tell me it doesn’t get you on your feet. Just try!


SONNY AND THE SUNSETS — “Pretend You Love Me”

Fuck this is a good song. I love the bass. I fucking LOVE it! I think that’s the point, but there’s a bit towards the end, just when the chorus is going nuts – 4:03 for anyone who wants to look it up – where the bass is doing these quadruplits. OMG! For such a laid-back song – this bad-boy can ROCK! And I can sing along too. Magic.


KING TUFF “Keep On Movin'”

There’s not enough fade-outs in rock these days. And there’s not enough good old fashioned straight-forward, having-a-good-time rock n roll either. And danceable rock too.

So if you like that shit – this song ticks all those boxes plus more. “I let my guitar drool – that’s how we stay so cool.” And the third verse – inspired!

It’s almost like a more accessible Hunx and his Punx — is it wrong to think that way?


THE GUPPIES — “Never liked Mondays”

I only just accidentally heard this song, but it sounded cool. It’s a few year’s old, it’s a bit “young”, a bit Triple J, but… there’s not too much wrong with that…right? And those who know me know I am a bit silly about my love of middle-8 bridges. So the “bridge” in this song is almost right at the end. Refreshing.



AMBULANCE LTD — “Primitive (The Way That I Treat You)

This is one of my most, most, most favourite songs. It has such a great and tricky riff, which defines such a groove, and underneath are so many hooks, a tiny piano trickling away, and it builds up a few times towards teasing you with a half chorus and a lead break, then the next build reveals the final fucking amazing full chorus, and it just smacks you in the head over and over, then gradually let’s you down. So gently. Ever so gently.

What happened to this band? Only two releases. Both amazingly rich and quality. Maybe it was their shit name. I dunno.

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