Something is happening soon

Next week I am doing another something that can only be described as lightyears outside my comfort zone. And many of you just might be glad to hear it is totally unrelated to bikes.

It will happen on Thursday evening and I won’t say much more until after – just in case it is a total disaster.

I have been thoroughly distracted since I realised it was imminent and have spent hours and hours alone, literally talking to myself, going through it all. Practicing, rehearsing. So it is a gig, just not the kinda “gig” I am used to.

And crucially it is a very public event but I am not going to advertise it to everyone. Instead I have invited just a few of my friends who seem to be hardy enough to tolerate the spectacle, the tragedy that will probably ensue. It will be brutal. It will make them wince and squirm in their chairs.

Soon we will all be going through Play School’s arched window — the best window. The window with the coolest stories behind.


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