Passing a bike down…

So you are all so special you get two blog posts today. This one is a bit more serious but.

Today at about lunch time, Dee and I were driving back from the Shire and we joking around and having a good time. We passed this nation-sized vehicle:


And on the radio was “Sorrow” by David Bowie and Dee was like – “Who’s this? Neil Sedaka?” LOL.

But then there was suddenly a big traffic jam. And we slowly got closer and closer and saw a bunch of flashing lights. Cop cars, a fire truck, an ambulance and a bunch of people looking busy.

As we got near I said to Dee, the reason we are going so slow is cause of rubber-necking — there’s not that much traffic.

But then we got our chance to see what the fuss was about and instantly saw a broken bike and I felt sick. And this was officially the first time I had seen the aftermath of a bike incident — just cruising by.

I also felt so fucking angry because just on Monday Tom and I — on the way home from this ride — had ridden past this turn-off and had been so freakishly close to being hit it was scary.


As a rider we are always forced to have some degree of faith in humanity. And personally as someone who thinks we are pretty much doomed (see picture above), that can be a tough pill to swallow. But I do try to be a humanist. I try.

So when we are on a bike path or a segregated section we don’t have to rely on this faith so much. On a back street we trust this faith a fraction more, and when we have that tiny road shoulder it gets a little more real.

But those highways with no shoulder we have to constantly rely on this FAITH.

But it gets even worse, even more ACUTE where you’re on a highway and you are pushing ahead and traffic is attempting to leave or merge at as fast as their vehicle is possible of achieving and you and your bike has to cross this NO MAN’S LAND.

There is no other descriptor I can use other than heinous.

So once Tom and I had a chance to chat we had been both like, “Holy shit – how fucking shit were those cars?”

So this rider getting hit right there is just a massive kick in the guts. I wanted to turn around and smash the driver in the face. I really did. I hope this rider recovers. I am so sorry.

If anyone is reading this – and I don’t really know – please just be mindful of bike riders. Please.

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