Gardening (and other adventures)

As I wait for the Bridges of Brisbane Alleycat tonight I am going to indulge myself by talking about the seemingly rather dull topic of ‘gardening’. I have never really paid much attention to gardening.

Forever ‘gardening’ was just ‘mowing’. And even then I did the mowing only when the grass got so long it resembled a perfect incubator for deadly snakes rather than lawn.

But when we moved here to Auchenflower I think I fell in love with the garden almost as much as the house. So I have actually had to embrace it. I bought some rather loud tools and some other cutting, snipping and raking devices and set about trying to ‘maintain’ things.

See my grandparents were gardeners — but my parents were definitely not. My poppa was perhaps not just a gardener — but really a farmer at heart. He would keep meticulous records of his gardening. Below is a page from a whole folder devoted to the different varieties of roses he had.


And in my Poppa’s things I inherited recently was this gem. It was a ledger from the family farm at Kulgun (just north of Boonah). It listed all the animals and crops and revenues and tallies of milk and other products etc. And it dates from 1898. The handwriting is by my Great, Great, Grandfather — Henry. (And our family still owns and runs this farm FYI!). Image

So I am NOT a farmer, and not much of a gardener. I haven’t managed to grow anything here yet except some cat-grass and some strawberries. Here is the hedge at the front of our house BEFORE. (See if you can spot the cat)



And this is the bad-boy I use to trim the hedge:




Whenever I am doing shit in the garden the cat can’t help but be curious. (Even if she is pretending to be disinterested).






We have this “green bin” over there in the background that gets collected every few weeks. This actually inspires me to do the gardening cause it looks pretty pathetic empty.



Kate and Anna bought this at that auction place in Albion for only $700. Fucking bargain. I am so jealous. It is sublimely beautiful.

ImageHugo in his skeleton PJs. 

It’s a rather peculiar thing about Australia where some randoms decide to throw a pair of sneakers with the laces tied together up onto electricity wires. Do they do that anywhere else in the world?

Mum, her partner John and Dee and me went to Sprout for dinner last night. Mum and John always order the same meals so they can compare and just in case one gets a better dish and the other gets jealous. Bizarre, but a TRUE STORY.



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