I came so very, very close to going over the bonnet of a car this evening, which kinda made a big dent in what was a great afternoon of seeing Clag for the first time, catching up with some old mates and just generally having a good time.

It was on Baroona Road and I don’t know how the idiot driver didn’t see me — I was owning the entire left lane and I had a Knog Boomer flashing with all it’s retina-burning intensity. Yet a car tried to turn right — and thus right over the top of me. I yelled, braked and hooked left (almost in that order). Anything I could do to avoid what looked like another certain bike crash. But so very luckily the driver heard/saw me and screached to a stop halfway across the intersection and because I had veered enough to the left, we didn’t come into contact.

Even though she stopped to apologise I still swore at her with the intensity she deserved and all the rage inside me having had such close calls so many, many times before. I also told her that it didn’t necessarily matter that she hadn’t hit me – it still hurt me as a bike rider.


Anyway — that stuff documented — this blog is about Clag’s first Brisbane show in AGES.

Clag is an important band as far as Brisbane is concerned. They were the epitome of those bands full of people without much musical talent — just having a go and writing the best songs they could — which were simple and stupid — but it came from the heart. It was unprecedented in those early 90s, yet nowadays every second band from Brooklyn seems to be deliberately “shit” like they are harvesting some lo-lo-fi gimmick. Yet Clag were honest. And mostly all-girl and with a set that meant they were constantly derided at shows. I can’t imagine what they went through. But they were good and decent and in their own way — worthy.




ImageBelow is Greg and Angus! (Greg was from Cunningham and Hugbubble and was the original drummer in Clag). Angus loves to run!Image


3 thoughts on “Clag

  1. you got that we were deliberately shit, but kinda missed that the band was actually made up of some really talented musicians… at least three of those girls can pick up any instrument and make it sing within half an hour.. everything from piano accordian to brass to violin to an ocarina.. the simplicity was essential, weeded out the people who were never gonna get it. but thanks for coming and the awesome photos of Brado and the great review.. and sorry about the car.. baroona rd… that’s quite a hike…

    • yes! sorry! i kinda meant it like you guys were not “virtuosos” or just showing off how good you were (or could be). letting the songs speak for themselves. does that make sense?

  2. oh and as for the derision.. all part of the fun. getting a rise out of the audience is awesome cos even if they hate it – they’re still listening! and you get good at dodging bottles and making fast getaways!

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