I am just a tiny, tiny bit chuffed tonight — and very appreciative — cause it seems this blog will creep over 10,000 hits tonight in it’s short history.

And I cannot lie — it has taken some effort to get to this stage. I am even getting a bit neurotic about it. I am forever, “What am I gonna blog about next?” and taking a camera with me everywhere I go and just constantly OVER-SHARING. Even sharing stuff I promised I would never do. And this takes some chips out of your soul. But perhaps these ‘chips’ are replaceable with more awesome ones. We shall see when the dust settles on this little experiment.

And it is an experiment. It is just something different I wanted to do to keep things interesting.

And I am getting used to this blogging thing. I think I am even approaching it a little too scientifically as well. Cause I realise pictures are what people are mostly interested in, plus stories of me failing (which aren’t that hard to come by) and any shitty-boring-fact-picture I want to illustrate — if I put the cat in it or Dee — then it will be 10 times more popular.


A lot of people have said they enjoy this little adventure. Except Red who the other day said he only reads my blog for the bike stuff (which he appreciated) but he said he wouldn’t bookmark it cause if he looks at it any other time — he just sees “all this shit about your cat”. TRUE STORY.

Anyway. I am doing this just cause it is fun and I like writing and I like taking shitty pictures and I also, just quietly, like getting hits.

So thank you everyone who has indulged me.


BONUS PIC – TOTAL OVERSHARE! (Dee and I doing those pore-pack treatments where you get to suck out 100 zits at once. AWESOME!)