Bunya/Samford/Gap Creek Rd exploration ride

The first thing I noticed this morning was how golden the sun looked with all this bushfire smoke-haze. This photo doesn’t do it much justice – but you could look directly at it.


So it was just Tom and me this morning. We met up at 6 and already it was stinking hot and the humidity was fucked.

I designed the route today, looking to explore some new roads around Bunya. We smashed north on Old Northern, then left at the Jinker Track. A jinker was like a cart that was attached to a bullock team and carried the logs. I remember seeing a real life working one on a school excursion when I was a kid. I doubt you can see that sort of stuff anymore.



We liked these roads instantly. Dotted along were points where lots of mountain bikers disappeared into the wilderness. Sometimes you would see them riding beside you 20 metres into the bush. It did look like fun and maybe one day I will get into it. We shall see.




Once on Bunya road, things got a bit more hilly. The scenery was awesome and we passed a cute old-school cemetery and then up out of the valley where Samford emerged down below.


We had a quick break at a cafe in Samford where I discovered I had given myself the biggest chainring stamp ever.Image

Then it was up out of Samford, then one of my favourite smashes down into Ferny Grove. Over Settlement Road and we got directions from an MTB rider to Gap Creek Road.Image

There was only one or two tough sections and then the route down was somewhat made awkward by these traffic calming humps. I got both wheels off the ground a few times.


Then I went over to O’Keefe Street to get the ks over the 80 mark and said goodbye to Tom. It was tough riding at this point with cramps always threatening (because of all the fluids I had lost). Then it was home and Dee made me this awesome egg and avocado wrap. YUM.




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