Our very own personal flood

So we have our own personal flood, right underneath our house.

Here’s what it looks like:


It’s the worse we’ve ever seen it — way worse than 2011, which is crazy, but quite explainable scientifically. Here is Dee being “epic”.



And all that water had formed a river that led directly down into the neighbour’s yard. It was almost a torrent. We knew from flood maps that the underneath of our house was a natural watercourse. And we had been told that the fence had collapsed during the Gap Cyclone event back in 2008 — an amazing video you have to see (right to the end) in case you haven’t already.

I went next door at about 5pm to see how things were going on their side and they said it was the worst flooding they had seen. Worse even than 2011. I had to agree. I don’t remember anywhere near quite such a lake under our house. Indeed I almost crashed over just taking some trash down to the bin — the silt and the water combined to almost bring about my downfall — literally.

And here’s another view of that river:



This is the big tree across the road. It is massive and so vocal in these events. It is quite amazing to watch in these events.Image


So the chook-shed Wintah and me made is now completely “inundated” as they say in the news. It has its own waterfall too (see below). It will take a week or so to dry out once this rain stops. We pre-emptively got the chooks out last night and put them to bed in the laundry. They seemed to embrace the 4 walls of the downstairs ‘sophistication’ and when I gave them a chance to wander this morning, they chose to stay. Admittedly it was pretty “epic” weather-wise outside.

But today the safety of the laundry looked to be seriously compromised. The floody water was literally lapping at the door so I put them in the cat-carrier and together with their feeder — I dragged them upstairs. Now they are spending the night in our bathroom. They seem to be OK with their new digs.

It is a bit heartbreaking having to introduce these very young chicks to a big bad world of epic weather events. They have had to deal with stupidly hot days, and now cyclonic wet-weather — and they are only 3 months old and have a brain about the size of a pea. Soz.Image





Above is a pic of us on our way to our brief appearance at Sarah’s birthday party in Paddington which pretty much no one else turned up to — apart from Crag who you can count on to turn up to a party in a zombie-apocolypse.

But it was epic weather and we only made it — briefly — just cause we could drive the 2 kms there and back.

So this is how BOM looked at 4am and it has only got worse since.Image

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