First of all — even before you read this blog — you should all see Angus’ blog about this brand new event, as well as backflow valves and also for more photos and some dire predictions (which basically equate to the fact that these flood events happen in groups.)

So once climate change is factored in — this is pretty much our future. Woah.

But these past few days were more about the wind and omnipresent rain for us. We felt it way worse than in 2011. In 2011 we had constant power, no serious winds, rain (without it being a deluge) and some internet capabilities.

We also had KARL! But where is he now?

This time around having no power was a real drag and the wind was scary. The water was also a massive concern. Both combined we had the potential for an even more epic film than a 50-strong Rapha crew could manage. Going outside at several points felt ridiculously dangerous and once I had taken a photo I dove back inside. And having all those big trees topple over within metres of our house was fucking dramatic.

In those conditions I took the refugee-chooks over to my sister’s house.


So the flood peak of about 2 metres was the least of our worries. This morning I was expecting disruption — but not destruction.

I attempted to be at work by 9 but there was so much stuff to do to secure the house and chooks and cat and phoning trades cause we needed to clean up the fallen palms and because they were tangled up in garden lights — they were literally LIVE. The Energex crew last night virtually ordered us to get an electrician in to secure the zone.

So on my bike first drama of the day was pretty easy. I slid through only about 3 inches of water at Torwood, but then the lights were dead at the intersection with Milton Road. A bunch of cars were stuck there faced with having to find a break in traffic in one of the busiest roads in Brisbane. They looked like they had been there for hours.

“Stupid cars”, I thought.


I have become good at this situation. I did this routine yesterday and did something very similar back in 2011 (but that time helped by a muddy broom).

I jumped off my bike and determinedly put up my arms making a “STOP” motion in the most SERIOUS way possible and calmly walked into this massive intersection.

And you would be surprised how effective this was. The traffic were mesmerised by these actions and consequently stopped in both directions almost immediately like I was Crocodile Dundee doing his weird bull-horns hand sign on that buffalo.

So there were no horns, no agro — just a general peace and acceptance that I was in charge. The world was silent all of a sudden.

And they all waited patiently as I waved the cross-traffic from Torwood out and the Australia Post van attempting to turn right. And then I jumped back on my bike and completed my crossing and the racket that is “Milton Road” started up again.


At the river, as expected, I was forced to turn around after my usual route to work along the river was blocked. I mostly tried this route just to inform the CBD BUG followers. So I went back through the University and over the Green Bridge — adding about 12ks to my journey — but I secretly loved it.

But then I noticed my Garmin was dead. It looks like it succumbed to that wet ride on Saturday. It is devastating. What will I do?


At lunch I walked across the Victoria Bridge and I have never seen so many people on it at this time of day. Everyone was taking photos and milling about looking a bit disappointed.






The bike-paths were rotten with mud and I had to alter my usual route a few times to get home. But just quietly — the muggy 34 degree heat was more of an issue.

I picked up our cold stuff from my sister’s fridge and tried to interest her chooks in mealworms — but they were too afraid to notice.

Once back at home the chooks were very happy to see me. They hadn’t had their usual treats for two whole days and they went slightly nuts — crawling all over me. They are now back in their pen — it’s reasonably dry in there and they don’t seem to mind.

And just as a bonus — here’s Kara’s weekend. She is an old friend with chooks like us and a very similar old Queensland house and she has almost as good taste as us. Maybe. 🙂

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