Zero Dark Thirty review


On Saturday we headed up to the Barracks cinema and it just happened that everyone else in the universe was there too — seeing as they had put on 4 movies at the very same time.

Being hyper-punctual, of course it wasn’t a big deal and we made it inside with ages to spare — cool story huh?

Anyway. The movie: it was fantastic. Even before those incredible action scenes at the conclusion I was convinced this film was exceptional.

Just like ARGO it had an amazing ability to create tension when you knew exactly what was going to happen next. And the scenes where they tried to surprise you — like the many, many bombs going off — it was like they knew you knew already so just made those vignettes interesting in other ways. In any respect — I think the point of historical films where you know exactly what happened (at least in a wikipedia-sense) is that it is about the characters involved.

And this film had enough great characters to really keep you interested. And Maya, a ginger it should be noted, was pretty fucking amazing and maybe that obscured my judgement. She wasn’t angelic, and probably someone I wouldn’t really want to know. But she was compelling.

There’s been “controversies” about this film. Did it condone torture? My answer — yeah it did, perhaps even BIG TIME. But in doing so it got me thinking for myself whether or not I accepted that. And I’d have to say if it was me in a room with someone who had information of the fate of someone I cared about or even just a random — I’d probably not be consulting the Rules of Engagement. I would let my own moral compass guide me.

But I am not a professional combatant. I am just a soul that will step-up when confronted. In case you hadn’t worked this out about me already — I don’t suffer fools and I certainly wouldn’t be much good as a diplomat. I think I have just experienced enough right and enough wrong in my short life already to have a decent grasp on that subject matter.

And seeing as I have to perpetually mete out justice when I am riding because I am so, so often confronted with someone thoughtlessly endangering my life. Just last week a fat bastard in a 4WD was so affronted by the fact I called him a shit driver for almost causing an accident (or worse) when he dangerously overtook me on a very narrow road which resulted in him gaining absolutely no advantage — seeing as I had the opportunity to catch up with him less than 30 seconds later. After I said my piece I turned towards the river bikepath and then, when the lights changed, he changed from turning right, to turn left to chase me. He spun his wheels making the best screeching sound possible just to see me disappear down the underpass.

He was then stuck at an intersection that led him down Coronation Drive towards the city — the complete opposite direction he was intending to travel, and not a road that it is easy to turn around upon. If you are reading this — all I can say is Suck shit you fat fuck.

Some bike riders think you should treat aggressive drivers with a smile and a wave, because essentially a combatant, wants a combatant to engage with and that will confuse them at worst and perhaps level them in a best case scenario. I think I can find it in my morality to be a bike rider that steps up and makes them think twice about leaning on a horn or doing something dangerous cause they could be held accountable for that at the next intersection when I get a chance to catch up. And believe me — I have been hit by enough cars not to be afraid of some deadshit thinking they can get their petty problems off their chest within the safety of their big fat metal cage and be entirely unaccountable for that nonsense.

But me, I think people should be accountable. And I will put my own hand up first. This blog is somewhat testament to that.

Go see this movie, if just for 2 and a half hours that will sweep by without any personal awareness.

And then read the wikipedia page about the death of Bin Laden. It is almost as surreal as the movie.


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