New Art Installation

Bikes are really complicated. I have been riding for so long and for so far — but I am still learning.


Last week I got this massive lecture about looking after my bike. Essentially it was just like the lecture I get each and every time I go to the dentist. “Keep your bike clean,” they said. “We had to soak [some random part] for an hour!” “Your drive-train is missing this [tiny IMPORTANT screw]” 

It was like being in school again. Ugh.

Just this week I learnt that you can’t get a new chain and rear cluster and expect it to sync with your shitty worn-out chainrings. It made the most obscene noises and stagger when I got out of the saddle and grinded.

And the Felt was complicated. It was such a great bike, but it had been thoroughly USED before I got it. I should have expected that. And then I proceeded to neglect it — never cleaning it. So then it failed and it really FAILED. So now it is reduced to just ART. It was always beautiful (and ART), but crucially FUNCTIONAL as well. Now it is just frozen in its ARTNESS. 

Tonight I said to Dee — “Come look at my new Art!” She took one look at my effort and walked out of the room with a look of utter disgust on her face. All can say: PHILISTINE!

So let me know what you think. Here it is: