Songs from May-August 2014

Well I thought the battle for “Album of the Year” was all over with the most recent



But Alvvays have thrown a big fat spanner in the works.

But more on that later. The War on Drugs album is a really, really good “album”. No real singles. Just a bunch of awesome slow-burning super-long songs with incredible power and intelligence. My favourite is the 7:11m track “An Ocean Between the Waves”.

>ALVVAYS (you pronounce it “Always” but what do I care? Do whatever.)



2:38 on the track “Ones who love you.”

2:49 on the Track “Archie, Marry Me.”

1:34 on the track “Party Police” —  “When everyday’s a hurricane you know something’s wrong.” AND:
2:31: “We wrote our names on the overpass and I hope it lasts forever.”

But then there’s 3:21. YEP.

Alvvays can get under your skin with super short and seemingly simple songs. 



Awesome band! They have such a rock vibe but at the same time a great sense of humour and an amazing POPness!

Check this video for “Your Girl”

And Another fave of mine: Nooses


Didn’t expect to like this, but I gave it a go and wow — it’s good.

“How Much Does Your Love Cost?”

I really like this picture of her. I have a very similar pic of me, taken years ago, once upon a time.



Geoff O'Connor_9

So Geoff’s new album has just dropped.

I really, really liked his last album, but this new one just might not be as good. Sorry. But it is still worth a go. My favourite is track is “Her name on every tongue” But I also super-rate “My Greatest Hit” and “Please”.


I really like this album for it’s eclectics. Although I had heard exactly one song from this record (and liked it) but then Anna at work made me delve deeper and I was really blown away by the depth. 

“Hi Five”



“Don’t marry the one you love”

I can’t find a link to a version online you can hear. But if the title enough wasn’t enough to get you interested, just listen for the bit where it (kinda) references the SeaChange theme.

And deep lyrics. Yep. 




I love Blake. Eric Clapton loves him too. He has a new album coming out in September. You can get a few tracks pre-release. But if you want some history, check out the most incredible: “Wintersong”.