Tasmania, my spiritual homeland

Oh Tasmania — tomorrow I get to see you again.

I have this thing called a “spiritual homeland” and it comes from Twin Peaks where Special Agent Dale Cooper details his affinity with Tibet in such terms.

I first went to Tasmania almost exactly 10 years ago. I felt like kissing the tarmac as I stepped off the plane except I think the epic amount of hairy hilly-billy folks around carrying plastic bags (which seemed to contain all their possessions) and wearing dirty faded lumber-jackets kinda broke my resolve.

Anyway. I still loved it. And love it still. This time I am growing the biggest beard I have ever attempted — just for the occasion. Just to look the part, and in case I get lost on one of the epic walks I have planned and need it for survival.

And this is Dee’s first trip to Tassie too and although she is just as excited as me, she is obviously sans beard. So to compensate she lamented just moments before as she poured over her under-filled suitcase. “It is REALLY hard to pack clothes purposely ‘dressing down'”. TRUE STORY.

So here are some pics from back when I first visited my spiritual homeland. (And you are also warned that you should be prepared to be spammed a whole lot about Tassie when we get back.)

arty gap



hartz_mist IMG_9026


ripple sand

rock and coles bay wineglass_waves