Taking pictures of people taking pictures

The comment, “Argh. Can’t ‘gram it — got no reception” would have made absolutely no sense to me as little as three years ago. Nowadays it happens almost every ride.

And then there’s photos of people taking instagram photos. And at the cafe at the top of the mountain we discussed taking a picture of someone taking a picture of someone taking a picture. Like Instagram Inception. We decided to have a go at this later. But the photo didn’t turn out too well.

Anyway — about the ride. I was so rubbish today it was embarrassing. Don’t really know what the problem was but I suspect it was a combination of too much partying and dehydration.

So it was me, Jesse, Nate, Scott and Scott’s mate Jeremy from Planet Cycles. It was a Goat Track loop and everything went well except for the fact I suck. Also of note was there was a LOT of discussion about socks for some reason.

I’ll let the pictures tell the story.

IMG_0072 That’s Jeremy at the start of Samford Road in Alderley

IMG_0076 Nate getting serious. Nate has an awesome BMO tattoo it should be said. And he had it done before it was cool!


IMG_0086 Scott was riding a test bike from Planet Cycles. It some kinda top-end Specialized with Di2. He andRyan are now converts! It truly is friken awesome.


So this shot of a shot was taken by Scott. Note — if you can — my mismatched socks.

IMG_0092 IMG_0094 IMG_0096 IMG_0099 IMG_0106
This is actually how Scott ‘grams. He had no idea I was taking his photo. TRUE STORY.
IMG_0107 This creepy tree near the top had all these kids toys in it. I couldn’t help but wonder if they each represented some dead kid — like some pagan thing. It was a tiny bit Wicker Man. I got the hell outta there. 

What is Scott doing with his beard?

IMG_0110INCEPTION! (We might have a better go at this one day.)

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