Party Times from 2006/2007

Laura is visiting from the UK and so I decided to get all nostalgic and dig up some old photos. Back in those days we didn’t have a camera in our phones so it took a little bit more effort to document stuff. And maybe us kids would even be a bit more enthused about getting our photo taken. (Because it was a tiny bit rarer than now).

And we took photos just for our amusement, not necessarily for the 30 likes we just might get on some social-media outlet.

17 005 This is Wintah (a bit partied out), Bridget and me.


Me in my awesome “The Zebras” t-shirt which has somehow disappeared. Also pictured Laura and Wintah and Dion.


Me and Laura and Wintah — again a bit under the weather.


This is Jeb (as she was known then) or Jess Jackson as she is known now. Modelling the only ever “Lovesquints” t-shirt. Designed by me. I love cartooning sometimes.


IMG_0108 IMG_0119 Gingers! Alicia and Jess Jardine and Jess JacksonIMG_0132

This was a regular at Ric’s et al and I always harassed him saying he looked like Julian from the Strokes. He loved it for a while and then got mad at me one night so I stopped.


IMG_0216 My first cat, Moochey (RIP), dressed up as Dr Who. She is trying her best to look impressed, but inside she wants to tear everything to pieces.

IMG_0223 Before “Selfies” were cool

IMG_0226 Me watching the Broncos.

IMG_0235 IMG_0243 Me telling Laura how the Internet worked. “Hey, look at this cat video!”


Laura and Matt


Wintah with great looking hair and about to do a DJ set at Monster Joe’s upstairs at the Shamrock — or was it the Step-In?



IMG_1504 IMG_1507 IMG_1513


IMG_1528 IMG_1530 IMG_1532 IMG_1534 IMG_1535 IMG_1536 IMG_1537

IMG_1539 IMG_1547 IMG_1549 IMG_1553 IMG_1559 IMG_1563 IMG_1565 IMG_1570 IMG_1576 IMG_1577 IMG_1581 IMG_1591 IMG_1596 IMG_3380


Ok so there was this guy called “ROLY” who worked at Rockinghorse Records and he was a guitar player in a few bands. His name was actually and truly “ROLY” it should be said. We had never known anyone with that name and it just accidentally suited the vibe of the times when “LOL” and “ROFL” became a thing and when we just were laughing at EVERYTHING.

Here is ROLY IMG_3382

And Roly, being a bit of a runt in the rocking horse records litter was suddenly a “Thing”. So the scenes below are of Laura and Dee getting their pics taken with Roly in the background. He was none the wiser. IMG_3383 IMG_3384

And here is Alex Gillies:



Me in my Mario Shirt



IMG_3399 Kate and Kristie and Laura


Wintah and Ben — note Ben’s awesome Casio watch tattoo. It had no time displayed. So the answer to every “What time is it on your watch?” was always “PARTY TIME!”


So a lot of these camera shots were taken by Laura. Below is her and Dee preparing to see us at a gig we did at the Queensland Performing Arts Complex. It was one of my favourite shows with the Little Lovers. Anyway. Those two got a bit excited:

IMG_3405 IMG_3415 This is Laura wondering if the car would make it past this intersection — it was a shit-box. It’s exhaust pipe had rusted through and so it blew all this smoke and made the most obscene noises.IMG_3420 IMG_3435 IMG_3447


There was this band called “Roman History” and it was me and Dee, Laura and Mikey and Mel.

This was my favourite band ever. For these reasons:

1) Laura. She was also writing and singing songs, she did all this harmonising which periodically covered up how shit a singer I was. And to be quite honest, she brought a whole bunch of extra people to our shows.

2) Dee was in the band. It was super amazing having Dee part of my rock n roll adventures.

3) Michael Richards as drummer. He hit those skins pretty hard and it was incredible having a “ROCK DRUMMER” being so used to “POP DRUMMERS”.

4) Mel Tickle on glock and drums and just being there. It should be said I only vaguely knew her when I asked her to join and she said yes and that was amazing. I love bands with women. And this band now had 60% women!

To my discredit we never thought to ask her to sing (or contribute songs) and it was a year or so later when I first heard her voice (and her songs) and I was floored. I was just a bit more gobsmacked for the fact that I had been in the presence of this awesome talent and not realised.

5) The biggest audiences and most appreciative crowds ever. You really do get energy from crowds. I had played countless shows before to possible hostility, and maybe indifference at best, and sometimes an awkward enthusiasm after the show. But suddenly I was getting applause and woo-hoos while we were performing which was a completely new world. And slaps on the back after actually seemed genuine.

6) Robert Forster was at the Ithaca Pool Gig. I got to tell him how much that meant to me a bit later. He tried his best to pretend he remembered. To be honest when I mentioned Mel Tickle his ears pricked up!

IMG_3452 IMG_3455 IMG_3460 IMG_3465


We were practicing for a proto-ROMAN HISTORY gig. And that went fine and I was soon cooking dinner and while we ate we watched some TV and had some red wine and suddenly Laura wasn’t paying much attention to what was happening on the TV and getting progressively more distracted and bizarre. Suddenly she announced she needed to vomit and it all made sense. Before I knew it she had dashed past me and made a right into the laundry. “Perfect” I thought. My laundry has a big, fat, stainless-steel sink. You could vomit for hours in that bad boy and a few rinses and a quick wipe and no one would know.

So I sat back and gave her some space. I really wouldn’t know how to hold someone’s hair back while they vomm’d anyway. And plus, we weren’t in a nightclub. And plus, plus the horrible sounds coming from that tiny room were not very inviting.

When eventually I decided to check on her I was presented with sheer and absolute horror. THE Horror. I felt my head swimming, I felt the profound understanding of what this all might mean.

See – Laura had not vomited in my laundry sink. No. She had gone to that extra effort to dash straight past and unload into the adjacent washing machine. Yes. My washing machine.

But it gets worse.

Instead of vomiting IN the washing machine, it seems she vom’d ON the lip of the structure. But any thoughts of forensics were pushed aside. I quietly led Laura into the bathroom, she leaving big red-vomit foot prints behind her. And there I pointed out the bathroom’s features: “the sink was where – if needed (and she needed it) – you could vomit some more. No where else. The shower area was where you could clean up. I will bring you your bag so you can get changed.”

Once Laura was “stable” I returned to the laundry and the scene was like someone had died there. I know that seems a bit of an exaggeration, but trust me – it looked evil. All that red wine, all the splatter, all the chunks! I cleaned as best I could and did a few empty washes to clean the machine. There were some dirty clothes in the washing machine already. One was my “swim the daintree” shirt with had this awsm picture of a croc eating a tourist’s arm. That shirt, supposedly washed and clean, days later ended up with pine nuts in its seam.

And yes – I put pine nuts in that meal we ate just minutes before this INCIDENT.

Screen Shot 2015-01-02 at 6.41.42 PM


IMG_9417 n576285980_345588_4339 newyears023 Stevsie wearing the Lovesquints Shirt.

wintah milkcratehead

Wintah -milk-crate-head in Byron Bay 2006wtflol025 Everyone laughing at my joke.