Rides from the last two weeks (feat TOM and Shirts changing a tube)

This year I am trying to get back into shape all year round — rather than just for winter when it is much easier to do epic stuff.

So here is some pics from the last two weeks — both featuring Tom who today is sadly  moving back to Canberra for work. Here he is rocking a massive rear mud-guard. Why not?


These pics are from the ride up Nebo on Saturday.

IMG_0189 IMG_0182 IMG_0180

This next set is from a bay loop — a goodbye ride to Shirts.

It was a pretty big crew. Shirts, Me (obviously) then Dan, Scott, Tom, Dug, Ryan, Andy, and Dandfx (I am not completely sure of his proper name — but he was a very nice and polite dude. He rode fixed, keeping it real, and is the one pictured mostly out of focus. And he is also the one doing a track-stand. I love taking pics of track stands but not so much taking out-of-focus stuff.)


IMG_0176 I can take a great pic of my ear it should be said.

IMG_0175 IMG_0173 2 IMG_0171 This is Shirts changing my flat tyre. He has no faith in my tyre changing abilities. That all starts back in 2011 when I got a flat on the first epic overnight ridge and he took over after watching me fumble around. I think I was in control for about 1 minute.

Anyway — I think I am getting pretty good these days but Shirts knows and I was happy to let him take over. We were on a tight schedule.

While he was working away he was utterly indignant about how worn out my front tyre was. I bought a new one and replaced it the very next working day. 


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