Let it happen — TAME IMPALA

Screen Shot 2015-03-16 at 8.28.13 PM

When I first heard this song I thought, “Well — this ain’t lying. This is definitely a TAME IMPALA song.”

It was almost like it was Kevin Parker just covering himself. That drum beat, that voice, that production. Yeah. I get it.

But then, at 49 seconds in, it suddenly has the first of many break-downs. One of those “turn all those treble dials all the way over”.

This punctuation gets familiar. It’s like the curtains are drawn closed so you can focus on what is happening, and then the curtains are drawn open again so you can see the light and get to dance again.

And yeah — I reckon I could dance to this song. JUST.

And JUST when you thought that was a loose gimmick — only a minute later (the 2 minute mark) we get another of these punctuation points. We are now officially being slowly fucked over by this beautiful vibe. (What is going on? Is this a song or just a parable of a traffic jam?)

2:39: We get our first hint the song is structured again and locking down to something. And that lock-down is this pretty awesome, but stunted, keyboard riff (accompanied by strategic handclaps) which kinda disintegrates just in the hands of the keys player. It ever so slyly degrades and then degrades a bit more but at about 3:25 we again realise we are being thoroughly manipulated.

It’s now almost exactly halfway through the song. But of course we get our reward when ALL THE RIFFS lock in and we get an added bonus of (maybe) guitars and more lyrics. (It’s anyone’s guess what he is singing. I have given up trying to understand what anyone is singing these days).


I’ve listened to this song at least 16 times in the past 24 hours. And that takes some desire looking at a tune that goes close to 8 minutes long. Today I randomly even tried to convince this guy I only vaguely half-know at JB HI FI to check it out. Like it was literally the first thing I said to him. (What is wrong with me?)

Listening to this song I wondered what was the impetus. I LOVE long songs. But only the ones that are purposely so. Contrived that way.

And this song certainly didn’t seem like it started short, and then evolved into something epic. This was PURPOSE. This was his DESIGN. (I am watching Hannibal the TV series ATM).

Indeed this is Kevin’s longest song. Only his second over the 7 minute mark. “Runway Houses City Clouds” is the other one and it pales in comparison.

And this is the first “single” from the new album. This is even more his design.

Finally I am just going to say one of the songs that jumped into my mind was Kurt Vile’s “Wakin on a Pretty Day”. That song looked like “design” too. So long and just messing with your head with riffs that get half-used and then brought back and punctuation and a very incredible cohesiveness too.

I would also put a few Led Zeppelin songs in this frame too: Achilles’ Last Stand and In My Time of Dying. Just Quietly.

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