Killarney Overnightah Proposal

So here’s my proposal.

I have corralled a few peeps already who just might be interested. Including the irrepressible Shirts. This will be epic.

At this stage there others include Scott, Dougie, Benny, Planet Ryan, Conor, Dan (Danfx) and maybe Bennett. (Come on dude!)

And Saturday May 21 and Sunday May 22 is firming as a date where the planets are aligned for everyone concerned.


On May 21, not too early, we do a car-pool thing and meet at Boonah. Maybe near the Dungandan Park/pub.

Maybe Brad has a better place to leave our cars overnight. Maybe a get there at 8:30, start at 9am.


So we head south-west towards the Mount Alford township (all on bitumen but with a few sharpish pinches), then south, still on bitumen until we hit the junction.

Then instead of taking “The Head Road” (like we did last time), we stay on Carney’s Creek road which is all dirt. It later becomes “White Swamp Road”. Ominous.

And this takes us up the mountain in a bit gentler fashion – but far bumpier. It will still mean a lot of climbing.

Where the White Swamp Road ends is 57 kms from Boonah. And here, at The Head itself, we hit the Condamine River Road. Which google maps won’t let me map out. But from my rough estimates it’s under 20ks of dirt a billion river crossings. (Well 12, apparently.)

There is no food or water over the entire last 65kms of the ride.

Screen Shot 2016-04-06 at 1.36.07 pm.pngMap from Boonah to The Head

Screen Shot 2016-04-06 at 1.36.22 pm.pngDetail of the first stretch of dirt


So we stay at the Killarney pub/motel. It is super cheap at the pub – about $40 for the night. And about $100 for the motel room.

Then we get up a bit later (cause the cold start just an hour after dawn last time was almost dangerously freezing).

And then we just go back to Boonah via the bitumen road. There’s a climb at the beginning which isn’t too tough – then those two massive drops. And then about 20ks of road with  few bumps. Pretty manageable.