Hi. um, my name is David. I live in Auchenflower, a surburb of Brisbane.

I guess I have a few “interests”.

Apart from eating as many black jelly beans I can find and writing lists of stuff to do – I listen to music, plus I write and play it a bit too. Although I am best at guitar, I am really trying to improve my drumming skills atm. And one day I hope to buy a piano only to be able to play “Hey Jude”. (In fact I am pretty sure the reason I started playing guitar was not so I could “play guitar” – it was just so I could play “Stairway to Heaven”, over and over and over. TRUE STORY)

I also ride my bike quite a bit. I commute and I train and I go on epic rides with my mates on the weekends. All told I ride well over 200ks a week and try to MASH most of the time. I can ride pretty hard, but I am yet to shave my legs or buy a Cervelo or wear stupid sunglasses. My riding buddies are some of the bestest people I have ever, ever known and it is so fucking amazing sharing these adventures with them.

I guess I like TV and film and books too. But I think these topics are so stupidly well-covered by blogs and other media so it’s a bit silly if I bother you all with that shit. But just occasionally I might surprise y’all.

I am also one of these pathetic souls that has really, really weird stuff happening to them. Like the time I got scratched by a bat and had to get 5 anti-rabies needles – 2 in my butt and 2 in my face. I have also forced Clive James to shake my hand only to realise why he was wasn’t so keen and then having to clinically sterilise my arm as best I could later.

There are also very simple but crazy stuff that happens to me like the time I saw this guy drop a notebook and I picked it up and caught up to him and handed it back and he said, quite appreciatively, “wow – you saved my life!” I like to think I literally had saved this guy’s life that day. But if channel 9 interviewed me I would insist I was no hero. Just doing what any reasonable person would do.

Maybe I will document this stuff later. 🙂

7 thoughts on “Me

  1. Hi David, l am a curator at the State Library of Qld and am trying to find a contact for Shane Bruun originally from Custard and then Hug Bubble. I noticed you interviewed him at some stage so maybe you might still know of his whereabouts.
    we are hosting a large exhibition called Live! Qld band culture from next week to mid Sept

  2. Dear David, do you happen to know the author (and the owner of the rights) of the black&white photo with a couple clapping hands, joyfully, in your “the-punctuation-of-performance-a-guide-to-clapping” piece? Please kindly inform me by e-mail. Thanks! George

  3. Hi David,
    I am looking for a friend of yours; John Swingle. I went to school with him. Have been trying to contact him for years. I’d sure appreciate it if you could assist me. Cheers.

  4. Hey David, bit of a random question but is your friend Immy from the Tassy Part 2 post interested in selling her perfect specimen of a Gorman jacket? – A vegetable-on-clothes lover.

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