This is Audrey Horne. Ain’t she just sublime?


INTERESTING FACT: When channel 10 here in Australia broadcast Twin Peaks for the first time, the killer was already known to those in the States and some paper in Australia spoiled it too. So channel 10 paid for all this (hopefully) viral marketing — the very first time I had seen this done since the MARCUS IS COMING posters.

But these posters — wrapped very cheaply around power poles and glued to the usual doorways and vacant walls said, “AUDREY HORNE DID IT”. And nothing else.

I was so obsessed with Twin Peaks I tore a tiny corner of one of these posters off for a keepsake. It didn’t occur to me that I could legitimately take the whole poster — because that seemed to me like vandalism — even though the poster itself was a form of vandalism)

Admittedly, this campaign did distract me from assuming I knew who the killer was — I’d heard/read the spoilers — and it definitely made the final revelation actually more satisfying. TRUE STORY