Photo from his label Secretly Canadian

SONGS:OHIA — Farewell Transmission

Jason Molina died a few weeks ago of alcohol-related organ failure. If you don’t feel anything when he sings, “Momma, here comes midnight with the dead moon in it’s jaws.” well, I feel sorry for you.

This is my tip for the best song of 2013. TRUST ME. Sublime and such a chill to stroll to. And that riff with its hints and constant self-alludes before it just smacks you in the face — well, it just cuts me in half. And it employs the magically beautiful word “Lackadaisical” — in it’s adverbial state. Genius.
THE INTELLIGENCE (Feat Kelly Stoltz) — (They Found Me on the Back of) The Galaxy
Fuck yeah — Rock n Shitdoggin Roll. The clip is a bit sexy-mesmerising too.
TY SEGALL — Thank God for Sinners
Another shameless rocker. But sweet singing on top of the fuzz — which I fucking love. Plus the pumping bass at the end of the chorus. The clip makes skin look a bit creepy, but I am sure you can get over it.
FASCINATOR — Mr Caterpiller 
Funny little jaunt with lots of shit happening. A massive amount of detail in this song! 
A really lush song with a bunch of guitar riffs and orchestral shit and faraway vocals. You might call it Rock—Dreamy. But to me the song feels just like you were a bit parched and wandering around the desert wilderness just drunk on the isolation. Maybe.

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